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We are pleased to welcome Tiffany Butler to Live Water Foundation’s board!

October 1, 2021

Tiffany selfie

Tiffany Butler is a homegrown Annapolitan from the community of Parole. She is a lover of all things outdoors, and a self-described ‘water baby’ — a trait she affectionately says she inherited from her father. “I’m always water-adjacent in one way or another,” says Tiffany.

She is also a career academic. Currently conquering both a post-master’s certificate in administration supervision at Loyola University and a PhD program in education from George Mason University, Tiffany is also in her fifth year as a biology teacher at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in upper Fells Point, Baltimore.

As a scientific expert and educator, the bulk of Tiffany’s work has been centered around getting young girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Outside of that pursuit — or rather, alongside it — is Tiffany’s desire to improve outcomes for all students, but Black students particularly. “My school is predominantly African American, Latinx, and Hispanic — which is part of the reason why I wanted to teach here,” says Tiffany. “I’ve always spent a lot of time on the water and I’d see [Live Water Foundation] out and think, ‘That’s really cool to our young, historically marginalized kids doing.’ We have a large Latinx and Hispanic population in Annapolis now, and that’d be something really good for them — to get that exposure.”

Kids practice balancing on boards in the pool with the help of volunteers

After a formal introduction by her Annapolis High School bandmate and LWF board member, Mary Howser, Tiffany decided to join our team, hoping to facilitate the connection between water access and youth of color. “I want to see more kids who look like me in those sorts of activities,” she explains, “because we didn’t normally have that growing up. This is an awesome venue for them to do something cool and constructive in a city that doesn’t have a lot of avenues for them to do things outside of what they normally have access to.”

Our work to enhance the lives of, and outcomes for, Annapolis’ underserved youth cannot operate independently of our own commitment to building an organization that values justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion — and that work will never stop.

Kids smile and wave at the camera underwater


“When you’re bridging gaps, like [LWF] obviously wants to do, there’s definitely a sensitivity that you have to have in mind,” Tiffany says. “Cultural capital, ways of knowing — so that in wanting to do good you’re not unintentionally causing harm.” Tiffany says that by acting as a liaison between Annapolis’ marginalized communities and the organization, she hopes to ensure an enjoyable and enriching experience for everyone.

“I’m excited!” she says, adding that she’s looking forward to finding ways to collaborate with her own students.

We are excited, too!

Tiffany calls herself a proud “super-nerd”, and is a huge Stephen King fan. When she isn’t reading for school, you can probably catch her reading Sci-Fi — preferably something “Afro-Futuristic.” Welcome to the team, Tiffany!


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