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Join Our Board of Directors Team!

October 1, 2022

As we enter the final quarter of our fifth year of operations, we’re proud to see our nonprofit organization reach the age where it is officially time to renew some of our board seats! This is an exciting achievement that is meaningful in a couple of ways. Not only does it mean that we’ve been doing something right and have been successfully running our operations for the benchmark we had established in our bylaws, it also signifies an opportunity to grow and evolve, and fill our board with members who are capable of providing new insight and ideas.

Have you ever considered joining a board of directors? There’s plenty of reasons why it might be the next move for you, and could leave a lasting impact on both your life and your community. Maybe you want to bring your volunteering to the next level, or enhance the professional skills you already have. Perhaps you have a personal understanding of the needs of the communities that we serve, and could offer valuable perspective.

Serving on our board is a great option for folks who love to volunteer and are considering how they can maximize their impact. Donating your time is truly one of the most significant charitable contributions we could ask for. Your unique set of skills and talents, along with the relationships you’ve already built, can help expand our organization in a way that money simply cannot. Monetary donations help us run our programs, but it’s what you bring in terms of knowledge, experience, and influence that help us hone our offerings and make worthwhile connections.

Serving on a board of directors also offers you a chance to flex and adapt the skills you have, and watch them flourish. Applying your abilities in scenarios outside what you’re typically called to do makes them stronger and more flexible. In turn, you will likely notice an increase in self esteem that is the natural result of getting to shine within your area of expertise. Few things feel better than using our gifts in a mindful, meaningful, charitable way.

We emphatically believe that some of the best candidates for our board will be members of the communities that we serve, and highly encourage them to apply. We’re working hard to bring diversity and inclusion into the outdoor recreation space, and we’d love to have our board help reflect that. If you have direct experience with the wounded military veteran and active duty population or historically underserved youth, we especially want to hear from you!

Some of the specific skills that we are looking for include, but are not limited to: accounting, legal, fundraising, marketing, event planning and management, teaching, leadership, and project management. Potential board members should have 1-2 hours of available time per week and be willing and able to participate in our programs. Water-sports enthusiasts will be in good company, but it isn’t a requirement to join our team.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, we encourage you to use this link to apply today!

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions at


“Being a Live Water Foundation board member has been an incredible joy and honor. I appreciate every opportunity this group has given me to give back to our community, all while making lifelong connections.” Amanda Fuhrmann

“Being a LWF board member to me has been a growth experience such that I have learned that I can work with underserved youth and veterans. Being a LWF board member challenged me to not only be my best but to be flexible which made me better by pushing me out of my comfort zone. I utilized my talent as a LWF board member to make things happen for the underserved youth and veterans in our community.” Mark Sanfaçon


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