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Eastport Civic Association Grant Announcement!

May 11, 2021

By Brian Meyer

We are honored to be chosen by the Eastport Civic Association to receive a grant that will support our Junior Wai Koa program this summer! This specific program will focus on engaging the Eastport Terrace and Harbor House youth in water safety, swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking and environmental education.

Our Junior Wai Koa program is focused on the underserved younger generation in our community. The program consists of four sessions and is run by a team of certified paddleboarding instructors and is entirely free. We provide the training, equipment, transportation as well as lunch!

The paddle season is right round the corner and we are thrilled to be able to get more youth out on the water this summer! This grant will sponsor five individuals to partake in our program – help us get more of our underserved youth involved by donating today! 



A peak into our program:

Session 1:

children and a coach exercising by a pool







Location: Harbour House Pool

Session Activity Breakdown:


-On-land Fitness

-Water Safety and Paddle Equipment Review

-Introduction to Stand Up Paddleboarding, Part 1


Session 2

Introduction to stand up paddle boarding at harbor house pool







Location: Harbour House Pool

Session Activity Breakdown:

-On-land Fitness

-Introductory to StandUp Paddleboarding, Part 2

-Races & Games


Session 3

Stand up paddle board lessons at Truxton Park







Location: Truxton Park Public Launch (Spa Creek)

Session Activity Breakdown:

-On-land Fitness

-Open Water Safety Seminar

-Guided Paddle Tour around Spa Creek


Session 4

Stand up Paddleboard lessons at Ellen Moyer Park







Location: Capital SUP (Ellen Moyer Park)

Session Activity Breakdown:

-On-land Fitness

-Oyster Cage Program Education Seminar

-Guided Paddle Tour around Back Creek

-Races & Games




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